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Why Irish Tweed?

Handwoven Irish Tweed

Spinning and weaving are an integral part of Irish culture. From 1890 to the mid-1900’s, the tweed industry was the main source of income for almost every family in Donegal.

Donegal is a tapestry of the most breathtaking landscapes; misty mountains, serene lakes, dramatic coastlines and people renowned for their special warmth and friendliness. Each piece of cloth reflects the colorful and wild landscape that has inspired the weavers for hundreds of years.

Nurturing an age-old craft, Donegal Handwoven Tweed is still made by hand, a craft passed down through families for generations. Traditionally, families combined farming and fishing with weaving cloth in their cottages. Their children would gather the yellow gorse flowers, orange rock lichen, red fuchsias, purple blackberries and black turf to dye the cloth.

Hand Loom

Donegal Handweavers’ Association

Designed and handwoven with tremendous pride here in Donegal, our tweed embodies the finest quality and Irish heritage. All our tweed is woven on handlooms that have been used by families for generations. Donegal Handwoven Tweed is distinctive, durable and eternally appealing.

Donegal Handweavers’ Association
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